SOUL 1: Healer

SOUL 2: Ascended



FEMALE: soul-single--always a being of light (God-individualized)

FEMALE: soul-single--always a being of light (soul-body contract)

1 God spark (has to work hard to bring energy to 3rd eye--from heart through throat)

2 God sparks (2nd: pituitary gland--seer and thought-form magnifier)

4 spirit guides (no interference with soul entity)

* Spirit guide #1 is on my left. * Spirit guides #2 and #3 are in front of me. (Spirit guide #3 is of the Great White Brotherhood able to "cast out demons"; a being of the White Rose).

* Spirit guide #4 is on my right):

All are beings of light; none interferes with Soul's mental life.

3 Guardians (all devoted to light; no interference with soul entity)

1-time blessed (order of Melchizedek priesthood)

3-times blessed.

A BEING WHO SERVES (assigned to 1st archangel realm of Raphael--always): instinctual information from Raphael

6th-dimensional: Interest in material plane probably is motivation for alignment with Soul 1. (Soul 1 will probably help Soul 2 back to 7th Dimension--if Soul 2 lets Soul 1 help.)

Green healing rays in hands; 7 blue healing rays from etheric body.

Assigned to 3 archangel realms:

* 1st: Raphael--Healing: always

* 2nd: Kalmiel--Energy/Light/Power (crystals). Could need to control.

* 3rd: Gabriel--Music, sound and communication ("gabby"): Teacher/healer with light and sound.

Originates from the Sirius System, 3rd planet: Hut-Ron (hence: a "Hut-Ronite")

Originates from the Nastar-Pleiadian group, Ship 3 (Earth-directed); Super Universe 6).

Twin flame would be from Ship 9.

Re: possible twin flame--soul is probably not interested.

This is the more grounded soul than is Soul #2.

This is the "arrogant, wise-ass" side: may lie to, or over-elaborate to Jyoti for "her highest good"--really the Pleiadian attitude that the end justifies the means.

Combined Being vibration in the Akashic Records: There is no confusion between Soul 1 and Soul 2. This is the 4th lifetime of this star-child contract between Soul 1 and Soul 2. All parts have always been dedicated to the Light. Jyoti can make Holy Water.



The following came from a 7/13/95 session in which I linked with my Soul #2, who called herself "Pelghi-hi."

QUESTION: Is it true what A. said about Hut-Ron exploding and that Jyoti as an Eagle Priestess who was trying to help others escape on a conscious level?

PELGHI-HI: In the expression termed "Hut-Ronite," Jyoti was indeed an Eagle Priestess. Again, remember that this is simultaneous. The entire planet did not explode. There was warfare similar to nuclear explosions of a magnitude that essentially destroyed the population, but it wasn't as though the planet blew apart.

QUESTION: Was Jyoti instrumental in helping a group of people, or helping Eagle Priestesses, escape on a conscious level?

PELGHI-HI: The Eagle Priestesses, somewhere in the numbers of 70, who have taken expression at this time are those who successfully shifted in consciousness to escape the destruction--to not have the process of physical death separate them from their bodies but to shift in consciousness before the body perished so that they could control the form which their consciousness would take at their destination.

QUESTION: Did all Eagle Priestesses shift before the planet's destruction?

PELGHI-HI: No. You can well understand that it was a time of very intense "scrambling." There was not much warning, although precognitively the Eagle Priestesses had the ability to forecast the future. They saw it coming. But, still, among them were some who disagreed in the manner in which they would depart--or even whether they wished to depart. And, so, the Eagle Priestesses who have taken expression in this life at this time are those who successfully shifted consciousness as they were directed to do by the entity now known as Jyoti.

QUESTION: Do they carry those memories?

PELGHI-HI: It is a mistake to assume that they all carry memories of the entire planet. That would be as absurd as your saying that you are going to take on the responsibility of bearing the memory of the human race on Earth. Do you understand? The memories that they bear (and this is what is generally carried from life to life) are the memories of their own growth, in their healing work, and so forth. It is perfectly appropriate for the Eagle Priestesses to be expressing themselves in this lifetime expression as a channel in Longmont or a Reiki Master in Boulder, or whatever.

Having the Eagle Priestesses carry the burden of memory for the entire planet would not be desirable at the soul level. Again, the memories are of their individual work in their expression as Eagle Priestesses at that time. In coming to this expression on the Earth, this is what they are remembering: their lessons, and their growth, and their abilities--just as you would do between lives. In other words, there are no "secrets" exclusive to Hut-Ron that haven't been experienced by other beings all over the various other Universes in their process of self-growth, although there are memories of the pending, and actual, catastrophe (more often expressed in dreams or in memories of fire and conflagration) that you have learned about in the Book of Revelations as a sort of "Armageddon" experience.

QUESTION: Speaking of dreams, did the flying dream that Jyoti had have to do with this escape from Hut-Ron?

PELGHI-HI: Yes, and in the more recent dream, the entity you call Jyoti was remembering doing a demonstration for another Eagle Priestess who had been a very dear friend but who now had become divided against her beliefs. In the dream, Jyoti saw herself in a physical body, and what she was actually demonstrating is her consciousness leaving her body and flying around to show her sister priestess that this was possible. In the dream, the friend said, "I cannot go along with this. This is too weird." What was at stake here, and the reason why Jyoti remembers it in her dream now, is that she knew she was going to lose a very dear friend in the process because of her friend's stubbornness--that her friend would not be going with her. This was a very emotionally packed situation.

Jyoti, as the entity in that expression, was sort of tap dancing, flying the best she knew how, to show her friend that it was not only possible but also enjoyable, and that this would be perfectly safe. But the friend did not go along with it, and the entity Jyoti carries much guilt in her expression here because of that.

QUESTION: A. says that the Hut-Ron experience has something to do with "Lucifer." Is that true?

PELGHI-HI: Attributing the name "Lucifer" in this process is the Judeo-Christian interpretation of an event between the forces of darkness and the forces of Light. What you would think of as expressed in myth has its parallels in all religions and in stories of all the ancient tribes. This motif of the forces of Light and dark is the truth, and what people name the "players" goes according to their cultural values. The Lucifer entity was a demi-god of sorts--a being who had attained a great . . . had evolved very highly, almost to God's right hand. It could be put this way: Instead of continuing to expand the way Source Creator continued to expand, the entity called "Lucifer" in Judeo-Christian terms, wished to enjoy the power of God without exercising the love of the God Source. This is interpreted as "dark" vs. Light.

QUESTION: Did that all have some connection with the Hut-Ron experience?

PELGHI-HI: Less directly than the being A. suggested. Hut-Ron had its own parallel version of the forces of darkness and of Light, and as the entity Jyoti's Eagle Priestess friend M. said (and was rightly told by A.), the greatest point of confusion among Eagle Priestesses--both those who successfully left their bodies and those whose bodies were destroyed in the process--was how the Forces of Light could be overcome by the Forces of Darkness. In their consciousness this was not possible.

They felt very betrayed by the Creator Source in this process, not understanding that it was part of a larger spiritual evolution, including the expressions of their multidimensional lives (including this one as Jyoti). Although Eagle Priestesses "were" very advanced in their knowledge and had some consciousness of multidimensional lives, their contact was more with what you would consider their "past" lives than with their future lives. In other words, the entity Jyoti would be an example of a "future" life of the Eagle Priestess she "was" on Hut-Ron.

QUESTION: Are all the Eagle Priestesses currently incarnated on the planet?

PELGHI-HI: Only the ones who escaped in consciousness. A., in his meticulous way, said that there are 72. We are saying "in the 70s." It is interesting that there is such a large proportion in this area [Denver metropolitan, Boulder, and other Colorado locations] of the country. The Eagle Priestesses will be needed here because there will virtually be no traditional medical systems available to the inhabitants there at some point.

QUESTION: What happened to those Eagle Priestesses who did not escape Hut-Ron in consciousness?

PELGHI-HI: Because their consciousness left their bodies in the normal way of "death," it kept them in a cycle similar to the one on Earth--that of karmic rebirth and what you would interpret as more of a 3rd-dimension expression, although they were not actually 3-dimensional.


(from a session in 1995 with a friend)

QUESTION: Who is Pelghi-hi? Which one of the seven suns are you from, as I'm looking at my wonderful Pleiadian chart here?

PELGHI-HI: Is there what you call Alcyone? This is the origin of myself and those who came in the same ship with me. I am just seeing the "star map" and describing. Understand that in my experience this map looks very different.

QUESTION: Are Pleiadians, in terms of beings, very thin, kind of tall entities? How would you describe yourself?

PELGHI-HI: Do you understand that Pleiadians take form when they appear to human beings? And that they exist in celestial bodies [planets] on which physical bodies could not endure? In their dimensional state, as in the Pleiades, what you would term "past," we would term as future, we are not in forms that could be destroyed by that much heat. And do you understand that you also have existences on the planets in your solar system (not in bodies) as part of your multi-dimensional selves? In the spirit forms there is not a problem with the strange, gaseous environments that would be too hot for a physical body.

The form I would take is not unlike your own, although you might think of me as featureless. There is the same, basic shape to the basic "body." There is perhaps a mildly discernable elongation of the neck and the limbs, but not as in your movie, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," where there is this extensive elongation, almost insect-like. This is not our form. You could probably think "humanoid," but, again, not think of it as a physical body--but with the same basic shape. Again, however, this is the form we take when we reveal ourselves to those of inner sight in these dimensions, as in 3rd. To each other we would appear (and, again, this word "appear" is deceptive) because there are no visual apparati . . . there would be an energetic recognition of each other according to our energetic patterns, which are "descriptions" of our personalities, I guess you could call it. Also, there is the accumulation of soul growth, and so forth. All these make energetic patterns that we discern as individuating one of us from the other.

Jyoti Alla-An's Work as an Eagle Priestess

(From a session on 7/6/96 with Jane Robertson, accessing the Akashic Records through Archangel Radziel.)

JYOTI: Do you have information about how I did my work in the Sirius star system as an Eagle Priestess on Hut-Ron?

RADZIEL: Your work on Sirius was done much more with the mental communication and alignment. There is a different gland exists in your Sirian body than there is in the human body. It would be almost as another piece next to the pineal gland, and the two vibrate like a tuning fork. Now, on Sirius you could do your work very effectively because all you had to do was: Your thought process would create this very high vibration, which would then create an energy that went out from your body, particularly from what you call chakras in this dimension, that would help bring into alignment the body of the other being, or the environment, or whatever species this might be. You literally thought a healing ray. This is how it was done.

JYOTI: Which ray?

RADZIEL: [laughs] There is no term for this. Because of the construction of the Sirian physical body, shall we say, there is nothing we can call it. We can simply term it "the healing ray," because the Sirian name would be "see-va-sho" [staccato final syllable: Muscle testing verified this]. Now, how you have to do it this time on Earth is using the crystal, because it is the closest to that vibratory rate when combined with your thought and energy that you had upon Sirius, when you could do it totally with your own being. However, as you and the other angelic beings incarnate in Atlantis continued to experiment, you got "stuck" in the mental and other bodies. Your original intent was to go there, do your process of helping, and leave.

This was the intent of this, our vehicle, as well. However, you got stuck. What happened for you is important for you to understand. You were stuck in your emotional body in your great desire to heal the planet, to heal all. You became almost this religious zealot because you remembered how it was in your Sirian body and your angelic being body, and so to be here was very limiting, and you got very angry at those limitations. The combination of the desire to save and the anger--

JYOTI: . . . created frustration.

RADZIEL: . . . drew you downward and got you stuck. Alas! Then you were on the Wheel of Karma, of death and rebirth, you see. So you took your abilities, however, having accepted at that point that this had occurred and that you must move forward to still bring through the light. Always knowing this as your mission, you took this into your Egyptian lives. And you worked very much in the temples of the priestesses there in trying to duplicate the exact energy wave that you had in your Sirian life. Especially in the most ancient Egyptian life, you were very aware--you remembered what it felt like to vibrate to this ray, and you attempted to reproduce this by the crystal healing, similar to what you do now, except that in a headband you had a very pure white quartz crystal, which had been blessed, purified and dedicated totally to connecting with the Sirian energy pattern that you had in that dimension at that point in time.

JYOTI: Could I do this again? Use this healing ray?

RADZIEL: If you could find the right crystal. If you could purify it and dedicate it again, you could do it again, yes. It must be set in gold, which creates quite a bit of expense. If you could make it a find band and perhaps wrap the crystal in the gold and set it truly right at the 3rd eye area, which would then bring it into alignment with the pineal/pituitary, and so forth, it would be very close. Then you must truly focus and concentrate, and it would take so many working sessions, but it is possible to create it again.

JYOTI: Is the crystal double terminated, so that it goes side-to-side? Or is it placed vertically?

RADZIEL: There is a point on both ends, and it is placed vertically. It must be vertical to align with the chakra system and for the alignment work that we are doing too.

JYOTI: Thank you. And what was my association with Nefertiti?

RADZIEL: Well, we see that you were very much her healer. She was quite a delicate being, and we find that she was also very spiritually attuned and, as well, she had been a spiritual sister of yours upon Sirius. And we see that there was this beautiful . . . you were her divine physician. There was this beautiful coming together of sisterhood that you had, and have, you were so closely connected with her.

JYOTI: She has been coming in during crystal healing sessions recently. The most recent time she was present, in my thoughts I heard myself say, "Oh, my Queen!" and this burst spontaneously from me.

Excerpts from a summer, 1999, session with Dr. E.R., my Eagle Priestess Warrior.

A. provided information that every Eagle Priestess had an Eagle Priestess Warrior to protect her. I was fortunate to meet one whom I believe was indeed my personal Eagle Priestess Warrior on Hut-Ron. The following includes excerpts from a session in which Melora discusses Hut-Ron, Eagle Priestesses and Eagle Priestess Warriors.

MELORA: We understand that you wish to have more information about Hut-Ron, and it would be easier for us if you asked specific questions. Based on what you have learned about your own Soul origins, and so forth, if there are any loose ends for you, start there with your questions, please.

E.R.: Yes. What was the role of the Eagle Priestess Warrior?

MELORA: It was much more than just physical protection. There was telepathic connection between you and the priestess you were to protect. And so telepathically she could send you an S.O.S. You could telepathically tune in, much as when your house is wired to determine whether any intruders are coming in the entrance. Your skills had to be not just physical; they had to be telepathic as well. And so your abilities to tune in multidimensionally were very important, so your clairvoyant skills had to be well-developed because you might get information only in terms of pictures.

Depending on the energetic situation, if you will, the information would come to you in many different ways. Sometimes you would hear the voice of the Eagle Priestess in your mind. And so you had to be clair-everything: clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient. You had to be highly skilled in all of these faculties and had to be tested and developed over a lifetime to fulfill this role. You would come into this at about age 30 because of the necessity . . . you could come into it sooner if it were mere physical training, say martial arts, but all of these other skills had to be developed. You had a one-to-one assignment with that Eagle Priestess.

E.R.: Is Jyoti my Eagle Priestess?

MELORA: Yes. That is why we're smiling. We are describing this in the 3rd-person to explain it objectively.

E.R.: [laughs] Of course.

MELORA: And so A's understanding is really rather limited about what was required, because A. has not so much a heart sense of the dynamics of these structures that he works with so brilliantly. He has as though a skeleton but not the flesh, as you intuitively understand. But the value of the work he does is to help awaken consciousness to the important pieces of information, and you will take that information and then develop out of your consiousness what you need to do to remember and connect with. What you term "remembering" is really becoming consciously connected to those lives that are going on simultaneously in expression.

You need further information about your duties, roles as an Eagle Priestess Warrior. Give us a moment. . . . Because you were telepathically connected you did not need to be in the proximity of the Eagle Priestess to protect her. You would merely tune in to her specific frequency, do you see? And so you could direct mental patterns to shield, and mental patterns that would be like arrows and spears. You did not physically have to do sword play, although that was also developed. Should someone wish to engage you on that level you needed to be prepared. Otherwise, you would be totally vulnerable.

On all levels you were the warrior. This includes spiritual warrior, as in what is now called the Shambhala Warrior. You were trained as a Rainbow Warrior. Within your tremendous warrior skills lay the spiritual warrior/rainbow warrior heart of compassion and you never quickly raised the sword on any level, etheric or physical. You always negotiated; you always tried other ways before you exercised any harm on anyone else. This was part of the downfall, because the Luciferians knew this. While you were negotiating, they just simply annihilated everything in sight, because they did not play by your rules. This was the great sense of defeat and what was so crushing to the spirit is that everything that you believed in as the appropriate way, the code of honor, did not serve you in your perception but on other levels has projected you out into the Universe and into incarnation here and other places to learn many valuable lessons for your vertical soul hierarchies of which you are expressions. What apparent tragedies exist, even at that wonderful level where you were working so sweetly, or here as well, on the karmic wheels, you have expressed here too.

Let us see what else we're getting about your specific duties. Where you dwelled was adjacent to where your Eagle Priestess dwelled, and it was like a clergyman having his little house next to the church. Your family were there. The only thing required of the proximity was what we would describe as recharging your batteries. You can consider that you had special crystals, and we are seeing synthetic emerald crystals of great size. There are also some blue crystals--whatever the equivalent would be, although they're not vibrating to sapphires. We're not sure what to call them. Much as with Superman, and the emerald he inserted in the Fortress of Solitude, where you could retrieve information. They were calibrated to each other, almost as homing devices, so that when the Eagle Priestess to whom you were assigned left the Sirius star system you would be travelling in tandem, but you didn't actually have to be with her to protect her and tune in to her. This homing device was your consciousness connection with her when you were not in physical proximity, as well as the other telepathic skills that you had.

The best way to describe this would be that you each had a device tuned totally to each other, of the same exact frequency, and you as beings--physical and etheric--were of the same resonance. Part of this happened out of your intention and your training to be able to calibrate those frequencies to always stay in tune with her. Now, as you were told by our Jyoti, she had the ability to calibrate this healing ray, and while she was using the healing ray she was vulnerable. You needed to protect her whenever she did healing work. This is true of all the Eagle Priestesses and the Warriors assigned to them.

E.R.: I feel a sadness--like we failed.

MELORA: No, and this has been a barrier. Many beings of the Light have been annihilated in their innocence, if you will, by these forces. Understand that in the overall scheme of things, everything balances out. And the work that you do in this life contributes in the Light to the gradual undermining of forces that you interpreted as having taken over in the past. It is ongoing; it is now. It is still now in that experience. And so the now-aspect of what is experienced on Hut-Ron is that, "Yea! We won! We took over, and we'll never come back!"

But the coming back part is very interesting: It has to do with Ascension. And in the enormous strength and the enormous Light of Ascension, you actually come back to your Soul roots, if you will, in a way that they cannot overcome. You're not returning as Hut-Ronites. You're returning as Hut-Ronites expressed at a time on Earth where you are tremendously empowered, and where you make the consciousness connection with all of your multi-incarnational multidimensional lives and come back, in consciousness, with the intention of reclaiming a planet that you wish to bring this great light to. We assure you that it will be they who are looking for ways to leave the planet this time because there will be a thorough routing!

More is revealed about Hut-Ron in the following excerpts from a Melora session with E.R. by phone on 8/29/01. This offers a good example of how Melora guides people through the process of incarnational merging of consciousness.

MELORA: We're hearing that there's some sort of karmic connection not only between you and your husband regarding Hut-Ron and the Eagle clan but also his family in the current life. Even with your husband in that lifetime there was some anger or frustration about how much of your time, energy and interest were spent in being an Eagle Priestess Warrior. You may have wondered what it was like to be married and then have all of those duties at the same time. [laughs] And to have such a closeness to your Eagle Priestess.

There is a kind of karma hanging on about that, but we're seeing more of a problem with his family. For example, on Hut-Ron, in the Eagle Clan, actually his mother and step-father in the current lifetime are the ones--not his real father [in the current lifetime]--and that they expressed as part of his family then as well. This is a very complex situation here for you karmically, not only because of their grave illness [in the current lifetime] and how it affects your husband's and your life but because of the karma. Let us now go to that and resolve it.

Give us a moment. We would like you to go to Hut-Ron, and this may be one of the first memories that you have. You're going to picture a dwelling, where you and your husband lived in that lifetime. It's a rather large dwelling because extended families lived there. So he and his extended family lived there. We're not seeing that your family is there. We're not sure why, but that's the way it was set up. So apparently you go with the husband's family. Are you able to get any visual impressions at all?

E.R.: I'm feeling I'm in a rounded building. It's almost like stucco--almost like a New Mexico style.

MELORA: Little domed houses and so forth? Find one that is your and your husband's in that lifetime on Hut-Ron.

E.R.: Okay. A lot of circular rooms.

MELORA: So you're inside now? Find the room that's more comfortable for you. We're seeing crystals now. We're seeing an oval, rather large circumference of crystals with a fountain. And there's an oval skylight above with very soft light. It's as though there's a light filter of some sort and perhaps it's filtering out UV rays or something. The atmosphere there's a little different, so the sky doesn't look the same. It's more pastel looking. So, do you find yourself there?

E.R.: Yes.

MELORA: Okay. Now we wish you to see your husband come in as he was in that lifetime, and please describe him as he looks in that lifetime--whether he looks the same or different, and so forth.

E.R.: No, I think he has darker hair.

MELORA: And was he about the same height and build?

E.R.: Bigger and stronger.

MELORA: Good. That's right. And then have his mother from this life and step-father from this life as they appeared then, in that lifetime. And would you describe them, please?

E.R.: They seem like they're wearing very ornate clothing, and their heads are covered with some sort of . . . almost like Egyptian but not quite. Clothing on their heads. They look elderly. They don't look like the look now, though.

MELORA: No, they don't. And do you know why their heads are covered and why they're wearing these clothes? It's not just the difference in generations. You know how sometimes the older generation wears its own style of clothing? They're wearing ceremonial clothing. See if you can get the impression . . . in your memory now of what that is for.

E.R.: It's more "royal family."

MELORA: Yes. Good.

E.R.: What's coming through is "State," meaning part of government or ruling class.

MELORA: Yes, and we're seeing sort of maroon or plum colored robes with wide gold swirley kinds of designs. What color are you seeing?

E.R.: I wasn't seeing colors. Now that you said that, the color appeared, but I don't know--

MELORA: There's also a wide stripe that tapers almost to a point that goes in a sort of half-circle. But the robes are plum colored or maroon colored, very rich looking clothing, very thick, rich looking clothing. Now, why do they look so austere? Do they seem to approve of you?

E.R.: It's that we're not in the same caste or something.

MELORA: But you were of the Eagle Clan and so was your husband.

E.R.: I get the impression that my husband and I were of the same clan but not of the same caste. Maybe they disapprove because of this.

MELORA: Let's just try to get impressions and not try to think too much. Just receive the impressions because this is very important. This is what the unfinished business is.

E.R.: Well, they don't look happy. [laughs]

MELORA: Yes. [laughs] We got that. Are you aware of whether you have children in that lifetime?

E.R.: I don't think so.

MELORA: No. We don't see any either. So here is one of the issues for them--your not having children. They're blaming it on the fact that you are an Eagle Priestess Warrior. It wouldn't be a problem except that you're his wife. There's one issue. And we're hearing that you're very independent in that lifetime, not just because you're an Eagle Priestess Warrior but because you're very headstrong. In many ways in the current lifetime you have been trying to be the opposite for your husband's sake, but actually inside you still are that independent. So there's conflict there, and whenever there's conflict you lose energy.

Let's see what else we can determine. So take a closer look at your husband in that lifetime, and see how he's doing with this situation. Obviously it's some kind of confrontation. Where does he stand? Does he stand by you, or does he stand with them?

E.R.: I don't think he's supporting either. He's kind of aloof.

MELORA: Or afraid to side with either for fear of alienating either.

E.R.: Exactly. So he's kind of not supporting me, and that probably makes me angry. At least it doesn't seem like he's supporting them 100% either. That's the impression I get.

MELORA: Okay, and we're also getting some sense of some kind of religious overtones that might be considered old-fashioned on Hut-Ron at that time. They are religious in their own way. There's some kind of religion that they practice that neither you nor your husband practice. We're getting that they're displeased about that too. See if you have a remembrance. We're not asking you for specific names of what god or what religion, but see if you get a sense of what kind of being they have a religion around, if you will. Just let the impressions come in.

E.R.: Let me just tell you something interesting, Melora. I've been meditating, and I have a sacred space, and now that I've been looking at this, it's identical to what I'm seeing on Hut-Ron. I've been going to this sacred space, which I now see is from Hut-Ron.

MELORA: It's a remembrance.

E.R.: Isn't that weird?

MELORA: It's wonderful.

E.R.: It's identical, with the water fountain in the middle and then a dome. Let me see if I get an impression of what beings they worship. I don't.

MELORA: This is just going to be some sense of a religion. You might think of whether it has to do with nature, or a group of beings they worship, or is it the State--is it like Caesar as god kind of situation?

E.R.: I get the impression that it's more related to the State. The Government, like in Egypt, where the pharoah was the god.

MELORA: Good. And this is the impression that we got too.

E.R.: . . . which is not what I believed in.

MELORA: Of course not. So understand that there was a division between the Eagle Priestesses and the State. It's almost as in India, where the Brahmins think that they're the highest caste, but the Surya Vanshi (from which Buddha descended) . . . "Surya Vanshi" means "descended from the Sun." They think they're higher than the Brahmins. It was something like that. Neither feels obligated to appease the other in any way. Because they were equally powerful, no one else would dare cross either of them. Do you see? In that sense, you're absolutely right. There was a caste problem because in their religion the State was supreme and in the Eagle Priestesses' belief structure . . . how shall we say? Their supernatural gifts, or whatever you want to call them, were what they related to in terms of spirituality.

E.R.: Yep. Exactly.

MELORA: Okay, so we would like to do now is have you send yourself "back in time" to stand beside yourself. We would like you now to picture yourself there, as you were, on Hut-Ron, in all of your Eagle Priestess Warrior regalia. Let's take a moment with that so you can see exactly what you were wearing, because there are some beautiful cloth parts of your warrior vestments, if you will, as well as . . . we're seeing something between leather and heavy fabric instead of metal armor.

E.R.: Yes. There's no armor. It's more like the Romans wore--that leather.

MELORA: That's right, only it's some kind of mixture of leather and something else. But you also have part of it that's a very heavy cloth, almost on the level of canvas, but very beautiful and shiny. See if you can picture any colors.

E.R.: I see a lot of red. I see a cape [laughs].

MELORA: Yes! We're seeing a very deep purple as well. Some of the cloth is that color, which is where you may be getting the red. It's an interpretation of your individual brains--yours and our Jyoti's. [laughs] Good. Is there anything on your head?

E.R.: There's head gear too. It's not like anything I've ever seen before either.

MELORA: Would you describe it please?

E.R.: It's almost like a plume. [laughs] The plume looks either purple or red. It's attached to something else at the side of the head. What it's attached to sort of frames the face.

MELORA: Is there anything on your arms?

E.R.: There are some bracelets. They're very thick. There's some inscriptions on them. There are crystals or jewels embedded in the bracelets. They have geometric figures. Maybe like a rhomboid. I see a reddish ruby color.

MELORA: And why do you think there's so much red in your regalia? What remembrance do you have of what that means?

E.R.: I don't know.

MELORA: Okay. What we're hearing is that it's about passion. It's about passionate beliefs; it's about passionately defending your Eagle Priestess. It's about being passionate about everything that you do and everything that you feel. This is similar to the way you are now, is it not?

E.R.: [laughs] Yes, it's very much the way I am now.

MELORA: Okay, and then you're in a profession, and you're married to someone who isn't really demonstrative in that way.



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