The Microcosmic Orbit Meditation &
"Meet Your Special Guide of the Light"
with Joanna Neff

(Concept & meditations by Joanna Neff, assisted by Melora --
music and sound engineering by Gregory*)

The Microcosmic Orbit Meditation is based on a concept from The Healing Tao System, created by Master Mantak Chia and arranged by Joanna Neff (Jyoti Alla-An). According to Master Chia, running up the spine and down the front of the body, the Microcosmic Orbit is an energy channel that connects the physical, soul and spirit bodies. When there are blockages in this orbit, or pathway, life force (chi) cannot travel freely, and this may result in fatigue and illness. The Microcosmic Orbit Meditation offers a powerful and effective way to circulate vital energy throughout your body. This enhancement of the flow of life energy helps you develop and maintain harmony throughout all your being. Tones that perfectly resonate with each chakra serve as a "sound map," enhancing the visual dimensions of the meditation. Jyoti Alla-An based these tonal sequences on Cousto's book, The Cosmic Octave: Origin of Harmony (Planets - Tones - Colors: The Power of Inherent Vibrations). In addition, the tones travel stereophonically, from left to right, and then to center, balancing the brain hemispheres. (14:05)


"Meet Your Special Guide of the Light" was channeled by Joanna Neff [Jyoti Alla-An]. This powerful guided meditation takes you on a magical journey to meet, and talk with, your personal light guide(s). When your journey is complete, you are brought back to full consciousness, so that you will feel refreshed and ready to complete your daily activities. (14:17)

You may do the meditations in succession or separately.

* Music by Gregory -- Soul Catcher Publishing (Boulder, CO) Soul Catcher Music <>

Aloha, Joanna. I received my CD yesterday. It is wonderful, awsome, soothing, and indeed healing on all levels. It feels so wonderful to hear your sweet soothing voice of pure love guiding me through the whole journey of returning home to the abode of our creator. Your work is profound, and it does comes directly from the realms of the ascended masters and above. I thank you from the depths of my soul in helping me to achieve my goals of truly ascending into my own wholeness, grace, and beauty. Aloha i kupono. -- E.I., Kahuna (Hawaii)

I have received the CD in the mail today. I have already listened to it and think it is awesome. Thank you very much. -- M.B. (Farmers Branch, TX)

I received the CD......The experience is beyond words. Absolutely incredible ! I am profoundly grateful that I found you and your work or it found us ? -- K.C. (Honolulu, HI)

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