WHO's IN CHARGE? Questions re: the "Higher" Self, Part II

Melora through Joanna Neff

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We set up the following session with a client with whom we've worked before to receive answers to questions on specific topics. This client is the person who initially asked us, "Who's in Charge?" when discussing the role(s) of the "Higher" Self. What is becoming clearer in working with this topic is that there is not some uniform blueprint for everybody's Higher Selves. Since most of us in Earth embodiment do not share the same High Self, there is, naturally, the same kind of variation that you might expect among individuals that we know in our lives here.

What we're finding now is that, accustomed to believing that "higher-dimensional" means higher in the light, many of us New Age/Old Wisdom proponents have allowed our High Selves actually to hold us back from the Self Mastery that we so fervently seek. (See "'Dark' Entities" piece re: higher-dimensional "dark" beings.)

When discussing this new information about the "Higher" Self with a friend recently, we pointed out that, for example, Adolf Hitler had a Higher Self; Bin Laden has a Higher Self, etc. The fact that individuals can perpetrate great evil on Earth does not necessarily mean that they are just not listening to the guidance of their Higher Selves; rather, it appears to mean that their Higher Selves are higher in dimension only--not in their "light quotients." In fact, we are finding that these Higher Selves have actually been contaminated, so that even if the conscious embodiment wishes to seek Light Consciousness, the Higher Self can impede the embodiment's spiritual growth in direct and powerful ways. This would mean that other simultaneous emodiments are also being impeded--a horrifying thought to those desiring to be on the Path of Light.

(from a client session on 4/17/02)

Link to excerpt from beginning of this session re: Broadcast viruses, experiments on population, etc.

MELORA: We are Melora, and we welcome you today, [S.]. We thank you once more for helping to bring this information forward. All right, so would you like to begin with our Jyoti's questions or with your own questions?

S: Okay. I'm going to go to Jyoti's questions. "Is the change of 'status' of the Higher Self also because of Ascension in people's vertical Soul hierarchies?"

MELORA: Yes. That's part of it. The other part concerns the other question she asked, including the thinning of the veils between dimensions. Yes, indeed. What's happening, and what we are experiencing with our Jyoti, for example, is being at a level "higher" than her "Higher" Self or Ascending and evolving ourselves and knowing (or being so in touch, in such communication with her bi-directionally), that we know that we are going nowhere unless she goes somewhere!

Now, in the past, as you perceive it, the Higher Self didn't have your Ascension as part of its agenda. Ascension wasn't really available to many or most of you--only those like Buddha. Only those very, very ancient souls who had evolved to a point where they could finally attain Enlightenment in the body. But now, so many masses of you are coming to that critical mass of consciousness, if you will, that so many masses of Higher Selves are having, fairly suddenly, to change their whole perspective on their relationship to the incarnational expressions of them--to the incarnations and embodiments that express them but which, like soul fragments, need to be returned to them and gathered back to them.

It's almost as though the Higher Selves are not trained enough, not evolved enough to change "programs" with the swiftness that is required. (We'll get to this in a moment: There's a time and space factor that creates difficulty for the Higher Self as well in swiftly having to change the way it has perceived and communicated with incarnational aspects of itself). Just in the last 15 to 20 years, which is less than the blink of an eye when you're not embodied, the challenge for the Higher Self is primarily that most have not been communicating. (Most have not been allowing bi-directional communication, meaning not allowing input from a conscious embodiment that says, "Hey. Wait just a darned minute here. I don't like this plan that you're wanting me to carry out. I don't like it because it's me doing it."

Embodiments haven't questioned this before! They have said, "Okay. Thy will be done. I hear and obey." [For those who ask, "Well, then, why can't we, like the Higher Self, create other embodiments of ourselves?" The answer is that you are in 3rd Density and they are not.] This program has changed, and this is why, with Ascension consciousness, a lot of you are becoming more evolved in consciousness than your very Higher Selves are, because whereas there's movement in your consciousness, the Higher Selves in the "past" and over the millennia have depended on their embodiments, if you will, to give them energetic wisdom values usually from experiences of great suffering that seems very prolonged to you while you're in the body but to the Higher Self that seems like the flicker of an eyelid.

In its own evolution, the Higher Self has been dependent on the suffering of its physical embodiments that "belong" to it, if you will.

S: The suffering of . . .

MELORA: The suffering of, because in the past, because of the lower level of consciousness and lower vibration, intense suffering was the only way that those wisdom points or values could be earned in the consciousness of the embodied person. This is why our Jyoti so adamantly acknowledges that this is no longer necessary. However, the old programming that this is the only way is still there--the starving artist or the suffering Soul--that's how you evolve spiritually. If you got too distracted with pleasure and comfort, you got nowhere. But this is no longer true.

What's happening is that so many of you are consciously understanding that you don't have to go through this intense suffering and you say, "Wait a minute! I can manifest. I can access from higher levels. I can transmute. I can heal. I can go light years faster than the way I used to go." Higher Selves are still reeling from this acknowledgement from their various embodiments.

It's not just you, [S.], who is of Ascension consciousness, so because reincarnation is simultaneous, not linear, everything that you allow in your consciousness affects all the other lifetimes simultenously. Thus, the Higher Self has a whole lot of sort of renegades to deal with here who are saying, "Wait just a darned minute! Hold that phone. This program is not working for me anymore." The Higher Self is often times is not changing as quickly as it needs to.

S: As we change, eventually the Higher Self will change?

MELORA: But what's happening is that people are having to by-pass the Higher Self and go to the Oversoul level to make that happen. They're just saying, "I'm dead-ending at the Higher Self level, so I'm going even higher."

S: So at that point does the Higher Self realize what's happening and want to change?

MELORA: Well, yes.

S: So, again, it's beneficial.

MELORA: But it's a re-education process, so what happens is that then the Oversoul level has to be able to calibrate and communicate to and through the Higher Self in ways that it wasn't called upon to do before, so all the way "up," it's a bugle call, if you will, for "Excuse me. But our communication has to be now all the way up and all the way down." Instead of going through the hierarchical structure where, for example, your incarnational lives communicate--or your Higher Self is supposed to be picking up on what's going on with you and passes that to the Oversoul. It's almost like a corporate structure, where the people at the bottom, who are working the hardest, get paid the least and then those higher up don't consult you when they make choices about what's going to affect you in your job.

S: One of the things that came up as you were saying that is, as I make changes it goes through the entity of who I am. Does that also change my genetic lineage--the people who are in my genetic lineage?

MELORA: We're hearing that the experiences that you have in your "lifetime" that get encoded in your DNA are passed on to your progeny only at the point where conception takes place. Where you are in your DNA with your experiences or whatever else has been imprinted from your lifetime experiences in your DNA, at the moment of conception is passed to your son or daughter. But what happens after that is not.

S: I was also wondering if it goes to my parents, who have made the transition--if it goes back to their parents or if it just stays with me.

MELORA: Oh. Now we're understanding your question. Give us a moment. Only that part that has to do with . . . this is difficult--only those parts that have to do with karma and the resolution of karma. The karmic stuff that was imprinted in your DNA that you resolve . . . that affects all who also carry the imprint of that karma in the DNA in your physical lineage. Does that make sense?

S: Well, yes. And that's what I wondered, because if I'm doing this work, I also want to include my parents and grandparents in that, as I consider them to be in my soul group. They may not be in my soul group.

MELORA: Not necessarily. But doing as you suggest would require their permission--

S: It would require their permission to--

MELORA: Yes, and also, since they are personally, individually, responsible for their own karma, those boundaries would not be crossed by your intention if that is their intention to resolve in re-embodyment.

S: Oh. So I really can't help them?

MELORA: You can in some ways, as they give permission and as wherever they are this resonates in something that they have become conscious of and wish to resolve or at the point of resolving. That can happen. But, again, this is so intricate, and there are so many aspects of this.

S: You mentioned, before, the Core Soul and that things can get splintered off. I was wondering how we can integrate more of our Core Soul into our embodiment here.

MELORA: Well, the way we view it--and we have stated this before--is that Descension is a lot easier than Ascension. So allowing the "descension" of higher aspects of yourself actually in merging here in the body is the better way to go because the resources at those higher levels, energetically, and the understanding of the Light structures . . . it would be more efficient to have those above you merge with you.

S: Okay. Well, again, is is more involved than that? Is it just a matter of asking?

MELORA: If were just a matter of asking, all of you would be Ascended Masters walking the Earth right now. All of you, over the years, have known you are on an Ascension path. You have explored and sought and yearned for the totality of Ascension consciousness, which is Christ consciousness and Oneness consciousness--all the time: being in the Oneness all the time in your experience like an enlightened being. This is what you've been asking for.

Again, the challenge is that the higher aspects of each of you individually are at various stages of their own evolution and their own ability--or inability--to calibrate to you or to descend and merge with you. This is just as individual as you are, meaning your Higher Selves are not at the same level. Your Higher Self, your son's Higher Self, the Higher Selves of everybody on the Earth are at all different levels of development, understanding, and so forth. Some of them are very new Higher Selves; some of them are very old Higher Selves, if you will.

S: I see, again, as we get into these questions, it gets more complicated. I want a "yes" or "no" answer, but it's not black-and-white.

MELORA: No. [emphatically] Nothing is black-and-white. There's an infinity of combinations and possibilities of things, ever-changing, and many things going on simultaneously your physical brain would simply not be able to track. But the Higher aspects of you can track, energetically. That's why we're saying that it is more desirable to have the communication, the merging, and the descension happen from "above" you.

S: Okay. Great. Jyoti's next question is: "Could you speak more about the thinning of the veils between dimensions? You said before that this is the reason people are encountering more dark entities in direct ways. Could you also speak about whether this might be contaminating"--


S: . . . the Higher Self.

MELORA: Yes. It is.

S: And also that means that beings in the Astral plane are becoming more accessible. Is that true?

MELORA: Accessible to 3rd-Dimensional consciousness, yes. But the problem is that those hanging out in the lower octave of 4th Dimension are discarnate spirits, negative ETs, ghosts and poltergeists. They're looking back toward Earth and not going to the higher octave, which is Christ consciousness. We see it as a silvery-golden light that borders on 5th-Dimensional consciousness. What's happening regarding the Higher Self and the contamination is that when people go into fear, that's considered a choice, and the negative entities feed on fear, and so that notion of "you're choosing to go into fear instead of love," or whatever (which our Jyoti finds so unfair) is energetically imparted to the Higher Self as a choice. It's energetically transmitted as: "I choose to experience negative entities."

S: But is that something conscious or something subconscious, or in an unconscious state?

MELORA: Well, the problem is the perception of the Higher Self when this starts to happen. The other problem is that usually there's a history, in terms of incarnational experience, with, for example, witchcraft in past lifetimes, suddenly those lifetimes that have experienced satanic ritual, satanic abuse, or whatever, get resonated simultaneously. What happens then is that that program comes alive again, and the Higher Self puts its attention on it. Then the resonance, or energy frequencies of that, travel up the light filaments to the Higher Self as part of the experience that it's "harvesting." That's a good word to use, and it's just as horrifying as it sounds in the "hands" of Higher Selves that are less evolved. Then the Higher Self starts to incorporate those values, and then it becomes contaminated. This is the non-discerning Higher Self.

The assumption is that all Higher Selves are of the Light, is it not?

S: Yes.

MELORA: That is totally not true. Think about it. The Higher Self of Hitler. The Higher Self of Ghengis Khan. Do you understand now?

S: I do, but, again, it raises the question in me: "Can we change the Higher Self." It seems like you said earlier that we, or a lot of us, are bypassing--

MELORA: Yes. You're bypassing. If the Higher Self is not helping you, cooperating with you, communicating with you bi-directionally--meaning, you have a say-so in what happens to you--then you simply by-pass it, because it's not supposed to ignore you. That's what our Jyoti and some other people are having to do when they do soul clearance--not getting permission from a person's Higher Self to do soul clearance. They intuitively understood that they now have to go higher. In the past, when they got a "no" from the Higher Self, they stopped because they were not given permission. Our Jyoti, and her teacher, said "Wait just a minute here. I'm going to the Oversoul level." In doing this, they both found out that they had permission from the Oversoul to do the soul clearance. After decades of not doing soul clearance when a client's Higher Self said "no," our Jyoti's teacher, independently, intuitively, also decided that she needed to go higher and was right.

S: All right. You're talking about the Oversoul. Is that where we get to the highest Divine Guide?

MELORA: The highest Divine Guide is way above the Oversoul.

S: What I'm getting to is that if there's conflict at the Oversoul level, can you skip that also and take the next "rung" up?

MELORA: Indeed, and we did that with one of our clients in Ontario. [This is described in Part I of this article.] The client was so much more evolved and was uncontaminated that she asked to be removed from under the former Higher Self and to be placed under another branch of her soul hierarchy that is truly of the Light.

S: Is this something that anybody can do?

MELORA: You can ask, but first of all, we had to get permission from way "up" there. Second of all, we had to bring in a lot of energetic experts to make this happen. Again, you could intend this, but you might need assistance. Another consideration is that you might be trying to get "out from under" a Higher Self that is actually appropriate and beneficial for you.


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