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energy HEALING

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 ""Many people today want the mysteries and challenges in their lives solved and resolved quickly, but . . . we all have a deeper task: to accept that some challenges come into our lives in defiance of human reason, logic, order, justice, fairness, and even common sense. . . . underlying these challenges is a divine order and sense that may be revealed in time." -- Caroline Myss in Entering the Castle.

Registered Holy Fire® III Karuna® Reiki Master


With clients in 47 American states and in 57 other countries, Joanna Neff has been doing energy healing for more than 25 years. Author of Soul Retrieval: Return to Wholeness, Joanna is a developed channel of angels and other Higher-Dimensional Beings of the Light, who do these healings through her. Because there are no Time or Space barriers to these Great Beings, the healings are swift, powerful and elegant!

All healing modalities Joanna offers remove blockages to healing
and blockages to spiritual advancement.

Because it is necessary to heal not just physically but on many other levels, Joanna offers a variety of healing modalities focused on specific, critical aspects and conditions that need healing for all of us. These modalities complement one another. They not only bring healing but also move clients forward in their consciousness.

However, each healing modality can also benefit clients as a single session. Those sessions not numbered can also be done at any time.



Remote session with notes: $60

 2021 "TUNEUP" (60-min.: $79)   NEGATIVE SOUL PROGRAMMING CLEARANCE (65-min.: $85)
 DNA REPROGRAMMING (ongoing series: fee varies by session length)   RAMON GRACE TECHNIQUES #1  (65 min.: $79)
 EMOTION CODING RELEASE (series: 3-5 sessions) (65-min.: $82)
 RAMON GRACE TECHNIQUES #2  (90-min. intensive healing session: $112)
 ETHERIC CORDS REMOVAL * (80 min.: $97)  RECOVERY Session (40 min.: $45)
 "FOUR STEPS BEYOND" (70 min.: $93)  REIKI (Master-Level, done from a distance; 60 min.: $60)
  "HEART-WALL" REMOVAL (single 65-min. session: $82)  RELEASE & CLEAR Session (35 min.: $40)
MAGNIFIED HEALING (60-min.: $79)  SOUL CLEARANCE (entity removal; 65 min.: $89)
   MEGA-HEALING SESSION (70-min.: $85)    SOUL RETRIEVAL (non-shamanic; 60-min.: $79)
MINI-BLISS-OUT (25-min.: $30) SPECIAL HEALING SESSION (Combines many healing/clearing modalities.) (65-min.: $79)

* Since clients may be "holding" soul aspects of the individual(s) with whom they share etheric cording across lifetimes, during this session I also do Soul Fragment Releasement. This involves the "return" of soul fragments to the individuals clients are corded to. Since those who have been obsessing about the clients just want their soul aspects back, this lets off a lot of pressure.]


Emotion Coding Release (70-min.: $75)
Reiki (60-min.: $60)
MAP * Companion Animal Conings (70-min.: $75)

In order to do these healings and clearings, Joanna requires only minimal details about the client. The reason for this is that Joanna also works with a client's Higher Self, who knows what is going on with the client across lifetimes.

One accesses other lifetimes of oneself THROUGH the Higher Self. Since getting permission of a client's Higher Self is the first imperative, no work of the Light can proceed without it. (This is about honoring the free-will permission of all Beings, and this is what separates those of the Light from those of the dark.)

All work is done remotely (from a distance). There is no need to have an in-person session or a phone session.

There are NO Time or Space barriers where healing is concerned. These days, people don't give wireless communications a second-thought. Digital information is downloaded wirelessly, and communications are conducted wirelessly. With fiber optics, your voice goes into the phone, is translated to light, and comes out again as sound on the other end.

So it is with healing energy, which can be "transmitted" through an adept practitioner to the client via spiritually guided energy work.

The Most Pervasive Healing Happens . . . When You Find the Root Cause
Included in every session is a very thorough examination of what is harming the client in the type(s) of afflictions addressed by that modality. The results show what has been found and healed, and after each session Joanna emails all worksheets to clients.

Often times, major afflictions in the current lifetime are a result of negative karma from previous lifetimes--or from negative "programming" that keeps compounding in its harmful effects over lifetimes. In these cases, it is not just the "symptoms" that are addressed; it is also the origin(s) of those symptoms that are explored and cleared.

In requesting healing, many people want only their physical afflictions to be healed. However, in order for healing to be effective, all levels--physical, emotional, mental and spiritual--must be addressed. (An example of the need for spiritual healing is the profound sense of separation from the Divine that so many feel.)

Sometimes the intense "reorganization," amplification, adjustments, etc., of these healings/clearings can rock the ego/personality's world. Since the ego's job is to assure survival in third dimension--and since the ego has no tools to deal with spiritual matters--areas of resistance to change (healing) might appear as temporary "upheavals" after a session has been done.

No healing facilitator of integrity should ever promise to "fix" all a client's problems in one session. (And no client with any self-awareness expects this.) "Instant healing" of everything simply is not possible because of the great complexity of factors involved: negative karma across lifetimes, transgenerational imprints (genetic core inheritance), and current-life habitually negative thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

Regarding the dynamic interaction of life issues between embodiments, literally: When you change something in the current lifetime it affects all your other lifetimes. By the same token, if you have afflictions in other lifetimes, these usually are also having harmful effects on you in the current lifetime.

Because in virtually all sessions I work with clients across lifetimes, it has become apparent that in many, or most, cases of mental illness, very negative karma is involved. As with all such karma, the individual must learn her/his karmic lessons in order to be relieved of that karma.

Although much can be cleared and healed in that person's behalf, those heavy karmic lessons still must be learned by the client. No work of the Light violates Soul intention.

Specifically with schizophrenia--and in many cases of autism--the person can be cleared of negative entities, for example, but s/he does not remain clear for long. The reason: the person does not have the conscious ability to have honest, clear self-awareness, and self-awareness is prerequisite to conscious growth and change.

Session FeeS
Joanna keeps her session fees at about half what others charge for what they may claim to be similar work . She does this so that more people can avail themselves of these powerful modalities.

Once a session is scheduled, only in very rare occasions do I refund a payment. If, for some unforeseen reason, I need to delay completion of your session, I will attend to it as soon as possible and email the results to you.


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See Joanna Neff's article, "These Perilous Times," published in the debut issue of The Journal of Metaphysical Thought. (July 31, 2018) Free download.

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