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Joanna Neff

As a result of untold numbers of past lives, negative patterns and "programs" accumulate within one’s cellular memories in often staggering numbers— re-manifesting lifetime after lifetime. In addition, "built-in" obstructions to clearing these patterns may have prevented other healing modalities from being effective, or lasting, in the current lifetime. Included: removing--from current and other lifetimes--programs that automatically reinstate what was cleared, Reptilian and other interfaces & implants, etc. These involve hundreds of millions of programs.

Implants (include other lifetimes)

Certain implants must be de-activated and then removed. Blockages to their removal must also be cleared. Of particular help is the removal of reptilian implants and interfaces from PAST lives, as we have all had to have these in order to "get by" and to survive on a day-to-day basis with the reptilians who always have been in the seats of power. Since this work is done from a distance, although physical implants cannot be removed, they can be de-activated.

Mind Control (Idea-Implants--include other lifetimes)

Mind control can be exerted by people, entities or even personal beliefs. I know of no case in which simply altering thoughts & emotions can get rid of these harmful mind-control idea-implants. If programming has not been removed, negative personality-based, and negative past-life based, patterns easily can reinstate themselves. In addition with harmful "Wernicke's commands," often found in mind-control, there might also be "booby traps." For example: "If this is removed, I'll die of a heart attack."

Also included: Removal (across lifetimes) of

 Life-drain spells and low attractor fields (the latter includes burning at the stake, imprisonment, misidentification of demons as gods, atheism, plague, etc.)
 Negative karmic holograms preventing healing and wholeness
 Virtual realities blocking healing and/or soul advancement
Alien implants and interfaces
Other types of implants: physical, etheric, energetic, holographic, self-induced, from guru worship, from ritual abuse, etc.
 Ability-blocking devices
 Harmful start programs, automatic re-start programs and repeating programs
 Retrieval of most critical, vital, lost life-force energy

Done from a distance (remote session), Negative Soul Programming Clearance offers both removal of obstacles to clearing and removal of the pernicious patterns themselves. Clients have found no "pain of withdrawal" using these techniques. On the contrary, the client feels liberated as impediments to positive expression are removed. When the process is complete, the client’s Soul will effectively have been re-educated to its appropriate lessons, and positive energies quickly replace the inharmonious patterns.

HARMFUL WERNICKE COMMANDS (includes other lifetimes). Words that are self-sabotaging are stored in specific areas in the right side of the brain called "the Wernicke's area." The key to removing these beliefs is that they are stored in the brain as though someone else said them: "You won't remember." The brain tries to make sense of a command and translates it, for example, as "I won't remember. This command then interferes with the person. Other examples of such commands are: "You'll never change," "You're not good enough." "You'll go to hell." "You're stupid." "You'll never make it." When getting rid of these with kinesiology, you have to know the exact command in order to remove it. Doing it energetically you don't! These harmful Wernicke's commands must be de-activated and then removed.

In addition, almost always, "Booby Traps" are associated with the harmful Wernicke's Commands. (With booby traps there are such implanted suggestions as "If you remove this you'll die.") These must be de-activated and then removed.

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Copyright2019 The Light Expansion Center. All Rights Reserved. Duplication of any content of this webpage is prohibited. The material in these pages may not be photocopied, published, blogged, rewritten or redistributed.

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