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Melora through Joanna Neff

Edited version published in The Sedona Journal of Emergence in September 1998 (p. 56)

The Etheric Body

There seems to be a misunderstanding about the bodies--for example, what is termed "the astral body." Understand that the etheric body is really the mental body, but we don’t mean mental as in the brain. If you think of mental as mentor, you will come closer to the right idea. Each of your higher bodies has a specific purpose for communicating to and through the physical body. You could also call the emotional body the astral body, but it doesn’t mean as in Astral Plane. This is why there has been much confusion.

The etheric body is what feeds life force to your physical body from the Solar Logos, and so that is the importance of prana, the chakras, the energy meridians. The state of being of your etheric body is going to determine the quality of, and how much life force is coming into, your physical body. By the same token, the etheric body is responsive to the emotional body. This is part of their relationship, which is also termed the astral body. So if your emotions are filled with hostility and hatred and feelings of vengeance, and this sort of thing, then your etheric body is responsive to that. As you probably are all aware, disease manifests in the etheric body first. Then it is expressed in the physical body.

Perhaps you’re seeing now that your various "bodies" are not just superimposed, one over the other, but that they are energetically responsive to one another. As they affect the physical body and as the emotions impress upon the etheric body and then the physical body, there is this very close relationship. Examples are what you interpret as life issues, many of which come from other lives as well (past and future). If you’re truly mastering your consciousness you clue-in to the fact that these ego-based, survival-based kinds of thoughts and emotions are inhibiting your life force, your spiritual development, and so forth. When you just say, "I don’t care! I’m going to go ahead and smoke cigarettes" or "I’m never going to forgive so-and-so because s/he made my life so miserable," then that is your free will, and it will affect your etheric and emotional bodies.

With the etheric body "now," in this time of Ascension, you have many more options available to you, made possible by consciousness and by the desire of the Source Creator to connect directly with you, and your responsiveness to that in such great numbers--beyond any of our, or even the Source Creator’s, expectations. (Some have termed it "the popcorn effect.") The Source Creator’s desire, and your desire to respond to that, have made this popcorn effect possible.

The "Third Eye"
We have spoken of this gland [indicating the third eye] as actually a holographic etheric crystal, so that what you think of as just gifted seeing is also clairaudience and clairsentience, and so forth. The etheric crystal that you call the third eye, when fully activated, is your holographic tool for communication¾for receiving information, for creating and manifesting virtually everything you wish to experience in your reality.

It is perceived that the third eye is about inner vision, but this is not really visual information; it is energetic attunement that has been translated into images, and this is the true mechanism of telepathic interpretation, whereas the telepathic portal is here in the throat, the telepathic interpretation of that information takes place here, in what you call the third eye. When using your third eye clairvoyantly it is segmented, in a way: Clairvoyants usually filter what they’re able to see with their inner vision. In channeling you receive information energetically and translate it into words. Here, in what you call the third eye, you bring all dimensions together holographically. This is why it is more complex than, say, just opening the third eye and then having you see a vision. Specific energetic calibrations are possible as a result of doing work here.

With those who have already developed the inner vision (or clairvoyance) associated with opening the third eye it would be much like having had a certain portion of your brain lying dormant and then activating that part of the brain. When the third eye is developed fully as a holographic tool, it gives you enhanced, "other" aspects of the information you would have received through those filters. In some cases that enhancement means being able to see into other multidimensional lives and receiving information directly from those expressions.

If you request to have your third-eye opened and activated you may experience certain uncomfortable "side-effects" because of the "rewiring" required to reconnect your 12 strands of DNA. This discomfort is as much energetic as it is physical. If you can imagine having a gong continuously sounded right by your head . . . it’s not just your ear, or your hearing. It has to do with your change in resonance and your whole synaptic apparatus; therefore, you feel it in your skull, bones, sinus cavities, the mastoid process, and so on.

The Etheric Crystalline Body
An etheric crystalline body is forming in everyone who is on an Ascension path and who has requested the reconnection of the 12 strands of DNA. This etheric crystalline structure balances with the organic crystals in your body. As you build your light body there is the reconnecting of certain brain synapses, the establishment of new synaptic passages, and the forming of the etheric crystalline body. There is a triangulation of energies between the crystals here [indicating the third-eye area] and a movement of energy here [indicating just above the ears], in the temporal lobes of the brain, as though you have two curved "antennae."

The triangulation takes place between the antennae, the third eye, the crown, and actually up to the soul star above the crown. The movement looks like what you see in phantom crystals--pyramids within pyramids. So there’s a triangulation across the eyes (from right to left) to the third eye; then there’s a triangulation across the eyes and then up to the crown; and then there’s a triangulation across the eyes and up to the soul star--all within, as in the phantom crystals. It’s a four-sided pyramid structure, and there’s a smaller one, and then a bigger one, and then an even bigger one, do you see? The effects of these also are going to bring that energy to the rest of the body, to help feed your body, and to and help with cleansing at the cellular level and in your physical tissues as well.

Visualize the pyramids-within-pyramids of light in this triangulation process to the antennae here that curve forward (this is just a spiral and a half) coming down here at the temporal lobes... if you could see them fully "inflated" it would be like Uncle Martin in the old TV series, "My Favorite Martian," with their antennas out and curved slightly, coming out through the temporal lobes and then up a little bit. It’s like the third eye: Until the third eye is fully functional you see its two petals closed. When they open they part, like wings. It’s the same way with these antennae. They’re not fully unfurled at this point, but they still can create the triangulation. When the etheric crystalline body is fully formed, your "antennae" resonate and give you instant feedback about the quality of the energy coming in to your field: the intent of the people whose energy you’re reading, the quality of your own energetic field. This is like a transducer or transistor.

Holographic Toning
When you develop the third eye and "connect" its functions with the etheric crystalline body it is possible to add a vocal connection--meaning that the energy will come through from this life to your higher self and "channel" through a person and out of her vocal mechanism. At a certain point of the light body’s carrying more light, the etheric crystallization process manifests, taking form on the etheric level more and more profoundly until it is no longer phasing in and out but it holds. When you have the etheric crystalline body in place, energies from your core soul are amplified. This eventually enables you to do "holographic toning." Holographic toning really is the process from which everything is created in material reality.

As the etheric crystalline structure is forming, as the merging between you and your higher self becomes more complete, and as your understanding and consciousness of these mechanisms gets fully developed, then indeed the holographic toning process will be the full light body in its ability to manifest instantly. This is because of the frequency resonance within your etheric energy field and your auric body and, as we were describing, the crystalline balances in your body between the organic crystals and the etheric crystalline structure that is forming in everyone who is on the Ascension path and who has requested the reconnecting of the twelve strands of DNA. The crystallization process completes, or is more steady, etc. That, in itself, enables the holographic tonality to occur, inasmuch as the components of your radio, your speakers and your amplifiers. The holographic sound is created as a result of all these changes on the etheric level.

Jyoti Alla-An has been wondering if holographic toning is just a term used for harmonics from the vocal cords but, as we were trying to describe, holographic toning really is the process through which everything is created in material reality. So it is a balance of the etheric crystalline body and the minute crystalline structures in the body that are organic crystals, including this gland that you call the third eye. See this as a miniature of what they produced in Atlantis with the huge fire crystals and other energy generating crystals to create a biosphere of the most optimal kind for the physical body’s existence and to create all of their energy. Understand that as the etheric crystalline body is in place, you have the capacity to create such a biosphere for yourself, such an energy generating possibility in which you no longer have to digest food. You can bring color straight in to your organs and feed them and be profoundly healthy.

Gems, Jewelry and Other Adornments in the Etheric Body
In addition to the etheric crystals used for communication there are crystals that you have earned at the soul level, and these appear as gemstones and jewelry "on" your etheric body. In the development of what you term your Light Body (some call it the "merkaba") there are indeed etheric crystals that are the etheric counterparts of jewels which you have "on" you--faceted gems of all sorts. This is because whatever exists in material reality (just as your physical body has first the idea version of it in its more exalted state, which is pure light energy, exists energetically first.

You can take faceted gem stones as examples. You see them as beautiful. They reflect light, they’re dazzling, they bring life force and delight to you, and so on. Imagine that these same attributes, before they become physical, exist in etheric or very high-light energetic form. We wish to talk about how, in any given life, according to what you will avow, you can reactivate what are essentially crystals at certain chakras that you have earned . . . almost as in "The Purple Heart" medal for bravery or any other kind of medal, according to your soul work, and so on. You can earn these, and those who are clairvoyant can see the actual etheric jewels at certain chakras. Of course they exemplify what you would term certain "powers."

It is our intention in discussing these matters to trigger you to welcome into your experience the reactivation of crystals that have lain dormant during successive lifetimes--for example, since the times of Atlantis. Perhaps your experience in Atlantis was too horrendous, and you said: "I’m going to shut down for 300 lifetimes!" We’re suggesting that you ask (in meditation) your guides and your Higher Self help to make you aware of these various etheric crystals, especially those that are in the upper chakras.

You can clairvoyantly see, or key-in to (or others can help you) the fact that specific kinds and colors of crystals mean certain things. For example, a citrine-colored crystal seen at the solar plexus might be cloudy because you’re holding on to emotional stuff from this life or other lives. Once you become aware of this you can clear it, and then you can have full access to each etheric gem’s beautiful properties and powers. It is the same with these other etheric crystals. They may be kind of "rusty," if you will excuse the inappropriate term.

You may have an amethyst at the third eye, but it may be covered with some sludge. You don’t all have gems of the same color, shape, size or facets at the same chakras. Some of these etheric jewels are not faceted but, nevertheless, they emanate great light. The colors don’t necessarily conform to your notion of what color you have come to associate with each chakra, because these gems have nothing to do with those structures and those expectations. They have to do with what you have earned in other lifetimes. These vortices that you call chakras are main access points for energy to come from The Solar Logos through the etheric body to your physical body. And you have other crystalline structures that would correspond to the chakras in the palms of the hand, in the feet, behind the knees, the Earth Star beneatheach foot, and the Soul Star above your head, etc. So there’s a lot more going on energetically than what you understand about the main chakras¾keeping them balanced, and so forth. We’re talking about Soul-level versions of chakras and etheric crystals.

In the etheric crystalline body you also have a more shimmery version of what you think of as your aura because your aura is actually created by the etheric crystalline body. Those whose auras are very strong, vibrant and clear have etheric crystalline bodies that are all in place; they don’t have any holes in them. They are clear, active and vitalized, and you sense their auras as being very expanded. What we’re trying to say here is that in becoming aware of this you can consciously ask to have the etheric crystalline body structure amplified, finished--completed in its structure. You can at last see where these etheric jewels are that correspond roughly to the chakras.

Some of you have an overlay of what you might think of as etheric tattoos. If you were a shaman in South America, for example, and you are fond of the jaguar, because of the specific animal energy associated with that, you might carry that jaguar in a sort of tattoo in your etheric body on the hand, on the bicep, or whatever.

And so there are all these wonderful adornments, and you just thought that adornments are for the physical body. You can see rings, bracelets and jeweled earrings in the etheric body that you have earned in other lifetimes that "stay with you" at the Soul level. Beautiful, jeweled and feathered headdresses of all sorts can also be seen. Any adornment that you can think of (especially at the Cecil B. DeMille level, like Ben Hur or Buck Rogers or Star Trek) can also be seen adorning the etheric body.



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