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The 'Light' and the 'Dark'"

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through Joanna Neff

I am St. Germain, and I AM persistent. I would never have made it through my incarnation as Merlin if I had not been persistent, considering what I was dealing with. I would suggest more than one incarnation as Merlin. I was not a mere magician, you see. I wanted to teach them spiritual truths so that they could grow and learn.

All right. I have asked to come in this evening because I want to talk about this matter of these negative energies, these negative entities. From a Light perspective I see them blended in, so that within one room they are all blended in like macaroni and cheese. You know: When it's melted, it's all blended together, do you see? It's like the spaghetti and the sauce--not they're standing there and you're standing here. It's not the black side and the white side. Not just the black chess pieces and the white chess pieces. It's not like that. They're everywhere, Folks. They're among you everywhere.

Now, in the Oneness they are accommodated. In the Oneness they are learning. In the Oneness you teach them. They teach you about your lessons, don't they? Who irritates you the most? Isn't that about you? "I really dislike his thinning hair"; "I really hate that hat he's wearing." It's about you.

I know you understand this, and I wish to say to you that this business of reflection is in the Ego's domain. That means that when I'm talking to someone, I'm filtering my entire reality and my entire perception of who that person is by what's reflected back to me. The only way I DON't do that if I'm what you would call an enlightened being who's detached. I'm not attached to the outcome of my words; I'm not attached to the outcome of my actions or my thoughts. What that means is: I'm not reading who I am by what's being reflected back to me. I can objectivize and witness my life, and the emotions running through me, and what's going on around me without that having to reflect something about me.

So it is with negative energies, negative entities--people who are a mixture, in conflict. They're trying to get rid of whatever these things are, and so forth. The other aspect of this is that if you realize that you are a person who is looking in the mirror all the time, you can benefit greatly in learning from this.

Our Jyoti experiences this in sessions with people. She's very clear that people who come to her in person and in phone sessions are teaching her about herself. And it's amazing but true that oftentimes she shares issues with these clients. Gratefully, and gracefully, she gets it. On the one hand, the reflection can serve you; on the other hand, it can aggravate you. You choose which it's going to be.

I would ask you now to look around at the other wonderful souls reflected here and see what reflections are occurring. What do you see reflected of you? Wonderful things. Wonderful things. Look at who you all are by looking at each other.

Now I would suggest that (and Melora has said this in the past) another reason why people keep going to workshops these days is becauseof what Melora terms becoming "a workshop junkie." There you can see changes taking place in yourself. "If I go to a workshop I feel very high; I feel the love; I feel wonderful. Then I leave, and I go back home, and I don't feel that anymore." I am not making fun of people. I have total understanding and compassion for this.

What Melora was discussing and what I am discussing for people this weekend is: How do you change that? How do you keep the momentum going after the workshop is over? As Melora said, the secret and the answer is here [indicating the heart]--not here [indicating the mind]. And so many of us in our times in the body will everything from here [indicating the mind], including "this is how you act if you're loving," do you see. I figure out what being loving is by observing how other people (who seem to be loving) act. Then I'm accepted.

But the truth here is: "I'm really lonely"; "I really wish I could be myself"; I wish someone would accept me for who I am as me," because it takes a whale of a lot of energy to pretend you're someone who you are not. The energy that you have to expend to sustain this persona that isn't you is tremendous and is very fatiguing. Plus, it is invalidating to the Self. It is harmful to the Self to say, "I don't even accept myself. Why should you accept me?"

In much of the work that we (whom you call The Ascended Masters) do, you are really standing beside us, looking at yourselves "here," now, and saying: "Oh. Aren't they wonderful? I just love them so much. Why don't they see that they are the same as we are?" That would be even more wonderful. So you're standing here with me, as you on the "level" that I'm at, looking at you "now," wishing you could join us [laughs]. This is closer to what we mean when we say "Oneness." There is no way that this can be understood mentally.


I'm going to do an exercise with you now. Place your right hand with your fingers together like this. Focus your consciousness right on your heart, wherever that is for you. (Our Jyoti thinks her heart is a little higher than it is, and that's fine.) Focus your total attention on this spot [indicates placing finger tips on heart chakra]. Bring energy, now, in from your Higher Self through your crown. Don't open it up too wide. Just a straight pipeline from your Higher Self, down the shushumna (central light channel), now down your right arm, through your right hand and into your heart center in this little explosion.

It's not painful. It's just this little explosion, spreading out and around you and creating this beautiful sphere of light around you. Is there anybody who doesn't have that yet? All right. Now take your hand and just move it gently back and forth in front of you, across the room, across the person who's next to you. Now direct that light into the room and into the people in the room. You should start to feel an impulse here [indicating the hand]. Understand that with your mere intention, with no help from me or from any of the other beings who are supporting you tonight, you are creating this. You can do this again and again and again, if you choose.

Now, the other hand. Channel the light energy straight down through your crown, down your arms and out your fingers. We would just ask that you not point, for that has such an aggressive feel to it. This is that bibbety-bobbety-boo! You know? Do you feel that? Now bring this to your third eye, and what do you feel? Is anyone still on their chairs? I welcome your feedback on what you are feeling right now--just in your third eye.

Person One (a male): Pressure.

Person Two (another male): Waves washing over me.

Person Three (a female): Warmth.

Person Four (another female): A flow.

Person Five (another female): Golden.

Now bring your hands down to your sides. Come back to the heart. Now let the energy wash over you. Now, what you've done is to call forth energy and direct it to a purpose. You can create any numbers of ways to do this. It is limited only by your imagination.

You can intend to send this healing light to someone at a distance-- someone who's having a health problem or a difficult time with some life challenge. You can use this same technique, and I'm seeing a kind of golden-yellow color or a yellow-white color. You're directing it right down your arms. What do you think the old-style "magicians" like Merlin did? True ones.

I am sensing that it would be a good time to open up for questions. I, St. Germain, and The Council of 12: "Lady Masters of Karma" wish you great Joy of the Light. We wish you great spiritual prosperity. I am St. Germain.

"Human Spirituality: The 'Light' and the 'Dark'"

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